Brand Identity Design

Business Overview:
Venova Coffee is a renowned cafe chain with its origins in Venice. The brand not only offers a diverse range of coffee varieties but also operates cafes across the globe. With a rich heritage in the art of coffee making, Venova Coffee aims to provide customers with an authentic and exceptional coffee experience that captures the essence of Italian coffee culture.

Project Scope:
The full branding design project for Venova Coffee aims to create a compelling and comprehensive brand identity that encapsulates the brand’s Italian heritage, coffee expertise, and global presence. This project will encompass various design aspects, including logo creation, visual identity development, packaging design, and brand guidelines.

Target Audience:
The target audience for Venova Coffee includes coffee enthusiasts, individuals who appreciate quality beverages, and those who value authentic coffee experiences. With cafes located globally, the brand caters to a diverse audience seeking a taste of Italian coffee culture.

Brand Attributes:
Italian Heritage, Coffee Expertise, Authenticity, Global Presence, Craftsmanship, Quality.

Graphic Designs

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